I know how I’ll go, if I get to choose:

On a bender for a year or maybe for two,

Right from the moment that I get the news:

Opiates, benzos and booze.

When I’ve had enough of paying my dues

A hug from a drug that can chase away blues

At the point that I know I’ve got nothing to lose:

Opiates, benzos and booze

Left all alone and with no more to prove,

Slumped on a sofa and too drunk to move

Prob’ly piss on my trousers and puke on my shoes:

Opiates, benzos and booze.

Its my addiction that’s talking, distorting my views

That’s how it survives, it wants me confused

But at least for today I’m not gonna use:

No opiates, no benzos, no booze.



She became expert at

decorating exposed scars.

Where once sharp steel

had dug out relief from mental

anguish, hopeful hummingbirds

now flit between flowers.

His flesh wounds have

long since faded but his mind

is still raw. A past, perpetually

picked at, prevents

any permanent healing. Instead

he hides behind mirrors and masks.

But together, pretence is dropped.

Faults find their opposites in each other

and dovetail, creating bonds where

before was doubt and distrust.

An inner and outer healing begins

for both, tentative, together.



Pic:Mens Health

When there is always something else to do,

how should we know when to rest?

Lists of labours, obligations and tasks

fill my mind, a never emptying inbox,

each one tipping a little more

cortisol into the sea of stress.

If I were to do these things the moment

I thought them, I would never stop.

There is always the next thing,

just one more job that may make my

eventual ease even sweeter

seeking satisfaction not sufficience.

But it never stops. Even if the body

is still, the mind races still.

Preparation for an infinite future

I can’t possibly know, yet the stream

of possibilities still flows with no rest

until an impossible certainty is known.



Life is labour.

All is entropy.

From the moment

we’re born,

we decay.

We must feed

to renew,

we must breathe

to energise.

We strive to prolong a life

we never asked for,

living inside a machine

needing constant maintenance

against built-in redundance.

What an existence!